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You can download a pdf copy of the word here. Click here to find out more about this word. Word for 2021 Introduction   This is a ‘year of uncertainty’, where at times we will feel unsettled and unclear. It is not a predictable year. Don't assume you know what...

Statement of Clarification

The following Statement of Clarification from the British Isles Council of Prophets Core Leaders was issued today, Tuesday 22 September 2020. About the Big Conversation live broadcast In our ‘Big Conversation’ broadcast of 11 September, we challenged ourselves to...


I hear the Lord say, “Now advance with a new Momentum.” “The Lord says to Zerubbabel; it is not by force nor by strength, but by my spirit, says the Lord of Heaven’s armies. Nothing, not even a mighty mountain will stand in Zerubbabel’s way, it will become a level...

2020 will be a Vintage Year

I heard God say, "2020 will be a vintage year." A vintage year is one in which vintage wine is produced. It means a year of outstanding success and distinction. The wine produced in a vintage year is of excellent quality. Although many are ready to write off 2020 as a...

Who is defining you?

The Lord would say “what is defining you in this hour? Ask yourself this question; 'What is defining me?'”. My Son gave everything so He could define you - no longer the world. In my defining you in this season my boundary line is bolder, it is easier for you to see...

The Dust Bowl

I saw great waves of dust rolling over the land. It looked like surf but it was all dust. Blowing across the ground. It was like a huge dust ‘storm’ but it was not caused by winds, storms or tornados. It was from the earth. The waves kept rolling – they were no higher...

What are you measuring the new season with?

What is stopping you step into the new? You are measuring the new with the old. You are using imperial measurements to measure metric dimensions; you cannot measure a metre with a yardstick. You cannot measure the new with the old. The house has been re-wired, and you...

The Second Era of the Beatles is Coming Out of Britain

The Spirit of God says: “I’m tearing off the dust sheets that have covered my artists and my arts movement.” “Mainstream, mainstream, mainstream. My artists are coming out of the dark, obscure places and going mainstream with: performance art, observational comedy,...

The Cutting Edge

I heard the Lord say “I am restoring the Cutting Edge of the Church.” The past season has been a tough season. Mostly we found ourselves in unchartered territories, but as the church, we are called to stand up tall and lead the way. As I sought to hear God’s heart for...

The Isolated

For some of us, this has been a long season where we are feeling cut off and alone and this feeling is not necessarily associated with the lockdown or pandemic. Isolation can mean feeling separated, disliked, being set away from others, or it can be an actual physical withdrawal from friends and family.

“Now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian. And he led the flock to the back of the desert and came to Horeb, the mountain of God.” Exodus 3:1

Glory Disruption

Glory Disruption

The Lord took me into a series of encounters during the early hours of the 27th of May. In the first, a freight train was zig-zagging across the nations at speed, moving through cities and towns, valleys and mountains, destroying and transforming everything that came in its way. Every place the train went, the surrounding land was shaken and changed. The sound of the train was deafening, its wheels left deep deep ruts in the ground. On the side of every train carriage its name was written GLORY DISRUPTION.

Worship is Your Warfare

Worship is Your Warfare

In this battlefield stop, stand and wait. Then, begin to build altars of worship for me. With every step you take, continue to listen to my voice. For I have caused your pause but, in this pause, you must worship me without delay. Let your worship create a firestorm that takes out the enemy’s voice and expose his plans.

Confinement to Birth

Confinement to Birth

The Lord has been drawing us away to Himself for a time of intimacy, out of which will come birth. In the same way that women in the old days would go into a period of confinement before, during and after the birth of their baby, so the Lord is also taking His people into confinement, so that they can be with Him as He births new things in them.


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