The following Statement of Clarification from the British Isles Council of Prophets Core Leaders was issued today, Tuesday 22 September 2020.

About the Big Conversation live broadcast

In our ‘Big Conversation’ broadcast of 11 September, we challenged ourselves to reflect on this Covid season and to open up a discussion about where we, as prophets, had done well and where we have room to grow.

Our clearly stated aim was to first and foremost look inwardly at ourselves, as prophets, and our prophetic movements because we want to be the best representatives for the Kingdom of God that we can be.

We love the prophetic movement around the world and our continuous joy is to honour and bless the worldwide community prophets, in all our diversity. We have no desire or intention to point fingers at any other prophets, churches or movements. 

As part of the broadcast we repented for where we felt we had missed the processes of God in preference for our own calendar timings, special church events and feasts. We repented for where we, the prophets, have made it more about observing and divining intel from ‘dates, numbers and letters’ and less about hearing the voice and truth of the Holy Spirit.

We deliberately did not ‘pull our punches’ on the broadcast because prophets are a gift of God to be a provocation to the church and to challenge the status quo. Others should weigh and judge what has been said (1 Corinthians 14) accordingly.

We want to reassure you and let you know the following:

We love the Scriptures – Old and New, Hebrew and Greek, and we love, honour and respect those scholars, teachers and communities who discern fresh revelatory insight from their study and practice of the Biblical languages, culture and traditions.

We recognise that feasts, symbols and calendar celebrations (whether those of the old covenant or those from church tradition of the last 2,000 years) can help us all draw closer to God and into a deeper understanding and knowing of Him but we equally stress that man cannot be saved through religious observance and law-keeping of any kind; it is only by faith that we will be justified (Romans 3:30).

We reject the notion of replacement theology, yet hold firm to salvation through Christ alone. We reject any doctrines or teaching that promotes anti-semitism or hatred of any people group. We affirm that God has not rejected Israel (Romans 11:1,11) and that what God extends, He never takes back (Romans 11:29). We pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6) and like Paul, desire and pray that all Israel be saved (Romans 10:1). We also pray for all the nations to be Christ’s inheritance (Psalms 2:7-8).

We affirm Paul’s teaching that Jewish believers and Gentile believers are brothers; one new man because of Christ’s sacrifice that broke the dividing wall (Romans 11 and Ephesians 2). We are the ekklesia of Jesus Christ and the gates of hell shall not prevail against us! 

Thank you for journeying with us, it’s a privilege to serve you!

From the Core Leaders of the British Isles Council of Prophets: David, Emma, Adele, Louise, Rebecca and Simon

The ‘Big Conversation’ of 11 September 2020 can be viewed on YouTube.