In this battlefield stop, stand and wait. Then, begin to build altars of worship for me. With every step you take, continue to listen to my voice. For I have caused your pause but, in this pause, you must worship me without delay. Let your worship create a firestorm that takes out the enemy’s voice and expose his plans.

Worship is your highest form of warfare in this season. Don’t go in under the world’s atmosphere but come up and over it. I am taking you to a higher realm and a higher dimension in me. Let your praises rise, your declarations be heard, the fire burn, for the victory has already been won. It is already yours and so start to worship your way towards this victory by praising me.

At each altar of worship, I will reveal the next move. Don’t go in in your own strength! Instead, listen for my voice. When I say move, move! When I say stop, stop!

Watch me create fire tornadoes spinning out from these worship altars throughout the earth. This is not just firebrands but fire tornadoes that will consume homes, communities and cities, causing them to burn for me. As my saints worship me through this battle, so these fire tornadoes will be released.