The Spirit of God says:

“I’m tearing off the dust sheets that have covered my artists and my arts movement.”

“Mainstream, mainstream, mainstream. My artists are coming out of the dark, obscure places and going mainstream with: performance art, observational comedy, podcasts, opera, screenplays, films and more.”

I see it as a second era of The Beatles coming out of Britain. In other words, world-class creativity that breaks the mould.

The Spirit of God says, “There will be Schools of Explorative Arts launched by my Spirit which will release a fresh spirit of invention and will pioneer in creativity in a way that will cause the world to come around and ask ‘how are you doing that?’ The world will be like the Queen of Sheba coming to admire Kingdom Creativity’s (Solomon’s) superior wealth. (1 Kings 10).”

The Lord says, “I have gifted many in this generation with the spirit of Bezalel.”

In Exodus 31 we find Bezalel as the archetypal artist and master craftsman who was filled with the Spirit of God, wisdom, understanding and all kinds of skills. He was from the tribe of Judah – the tribe that advances first into battle.

The Spirit of the Lord, says, “My Bezalels are going mainstream. The explorative arts will advance first into new territories, spreading the leaven of the kingdom (Matthew 13.33) everywhere they go.”

I saw the figurine on the front of a Rolls Royce car, which is called the Spirit of Ecstasy. The Spirit of the Lord says, “Ecstatic revelation is going to hit my prophetic artists in the British Isles, even as the prophets of old prophesied from a place of spontaneous revelation as the Spirit of God fell on them (see 1 Samuel 10 v 5-7 and 1 Samuel 19). So, my new breed of artists will create from ecstatic experiences with my Spirit – they will receive songs, scripts, ideas from that place of overwhelming divine encounter. Some ecstatic prophetic revelation will even happen spontaneously live on stage as they are overwhelmed by my Spirit.”

[For more on Ecstatic Prophecy, Stacey Campbell has written a book called “Ecstatic Prophecy” ISBN 978-0-8007-9449-1.]