What is stopping you step into the new? You are measuring the new with the old. You are using imperial measurements to measure metric dimensions; you cannot measure a metre with a yardstick. You cannot measure the new with the old. The house has been re-wired, and you are running 110v appliances on a 240v system. Again, you cannot measure the new with the old.

There is a new wine that is waiting to be poured out. Do not use the measure of success that you used in the last season. Do not measure by the standards of the past for I am bringing my plumb line back into the church.

In this New Wine, I am raising up mighty evangelists, they will be forerunners in knowing my purity and power and I will send them into the middle of riots and protests to subvert the agenda of the gatherings. I heard the Lord say:

“In the middle of the unrest I will turn many hearts through demonstrations of power, healing and deliverance. Many will leave the house with political and anarchistic agendas but return transformed and followers of Christ”.