This prophetic word is a compiled and edited (for brevity, clarity, consistency) summary of prophetic words brought, shared and discussed at the December 2022 gathering of the British Isles Council of Prophets in Glasgow. Please feel free to copy and share in an unaltered form.

About Predictive words
Not all prophecy is predictive (e.g. “a thing is going to happen”) but predictive prophecy is an important way that God communicates through His prophets. Predictive prophecy is conditional (unless quoting Scripture) and will usually read along the lines of, ‘if you do this… then this will happen…’ There are opportunities outlined in the prophetic word above that will only come to pass under certain conditions – for example, if one remains obedient. Similarly, a prophecy may take longer that a year to fulfil – and some may take many years to fulfil. Further, it is possible that prophetic warnings will have their desired effect (and we hope they do!), causing a person or nation to repent and turnaround. This may then mean that any consequences that had been warned will now not take place.

One of the most famous Biblical examples of this is in the book of Jonah. Jonah’s prophecy brought the city to repentance and God relented and spared the city. The glory of repentance trumps any desire that we as prophets might have to be proved ‘right’ by our words.

Please Note

As we know from reading Scripture, prophets receive and share revelation from God in a myriad of different ways. No one prophet sees everything* and no two prophets will ever sound completely alike. In collating and compiling this document we have striven to bring together a good representation of what the BICP prophets are seeing, feeling hearing and communicating in this time.

The danger in any such process is that the resulting composite word can lose the flavour of its individual ingredients. However, we hope, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, that this has not happened and that this document accurately represents a portion of the Father’s heart for these islands and the wider world!

Nevertheless, we encourage the reader to seek out good prophets and prophetic ministries (in the UK, Europe and round the globe) and to listen, study and weigh what they are saying as individuals and groups. The BICP is not the only prophetic grouping in the British Isles and we do not in any way seek to set ourselves up as the ‘elite’ or ‘the only voice’.

Finally, we believe that every one of you also is able to hear God for yourself too – if you need help with this, look up some of the prophets/ministries listed below. Many of them run training courses or schools.

* 1 Corinthians 13:9-10 For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears

Part 1 – Without Measure


John 3:34
“For he gives the Spirit without measure.”
We are in days where God is set on pouring out His Spirit “without measure.” There will be no limit on His power, no rationing of His weighty glory and there will be an immeasurable supply of glory in our midst. These are days of greater glory and demonstrations of God’s majesty in the earth that will utterly redefine who we are and how we are.

“Get ready! Get ready!” cries the spirit of the Lord. As this greater glory begins to be poured out the Lord calls His people to prepare their hearts for the heaviness of His glory that is about to be dispersed. Joshua 3:5 “Then Joshua said to the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.”

The Lord says, “long have you cried out for my glory. Long have you cried out for revival. Long have you desired for a move of my Spirit. But there have been those who desired it because they wanted to be the ones credited with hosting it. Many have spoken about unity but what you call unity I call merely cooperation in order to come together to accomplish a goal. This is not the unity that I desire. I desire oneness (John 17).”

In a changing season of increased glory, there is a mindset change from the watering hole to the river. The watering hole mentality is where you travel to certain places known for their refreshing; from a mentality of stewarding treasures, tending and preserving them and invite people to gather around it. The watering holes were needed to sustain life in a dead, drought-ridden landscape, but now the season has changed. It is now the time for rivers which gush, and their flow will bring movement to that which was static. There is a replication through connections between churches, and a distributing of the treasures of the Kingdom they hold. It is a flow of the excess which will generate momentum and cause life where the river goes.

As the Spirit without measure is poured out, watch as a new wave of cessationism attempts to raise itself up again. Remember that the solution is not to attack people but to demonstrate the works and power of the Spirit.

Watch as there will be a wave of family restoration that impacts the nation. Expect reconciliation, returning and restoration in families and of family relationships that astounds. These restorations will not be due to human effort but because of weighty glory.

To Europe the Lord says, “Europe, get ready! For I am about to show you my glory. You have sought peace, but your peace is superficial. Now there shall be disruptive glory. See that throughout the continent I shall ignite houses of worship and gatherings of glory that will cause the landscape of your cultures to change.”