The Lord took me into a series of encounters during the early hours of the 27th of May. In the first, a freight train was zig-zagging across the nations at speed, moving through cities and towns, valleys and mountains, destroying and transforming everything that came in its way. Every place the train went, the surrounding land was shaken and changed. The sound of the train was deafening, it’s wheels left deep deep ruts in the ground. On the side of every train carriage its name was written:


People began to exclaim “our villages and cities aren’t able to accommodate this new vehicle yet.” To which God audibly replied to, saying “don’t accommodate, just surrender”.

The people followed with a second complaint, “but our infrastructure and population aren’t ready for it yet.” And, again, audibly the Lord replied: “you can never be fully ready for something that is this wildly new.”

The word ‘disruption’ is important. God says “do not call this a glory interruption because that implies a momentary change, a short inconvenience after which normal service resumes. This is a disruption where I am drastically altering your structures, your hearts and your future. My glory will destroy everything that stands in its way and I will hover with great intensity that recovering normal life will seem like an impossibility that you don’t want to try and conquer.”

He says “change your prayers from make me ready to I surrender. Don’t seek to accommodate what I’m about to pour out – you can’t accommodate it, it can’t be contained, limited or diluted. I’m sending the intense weighty fullness of my glory into your midst.”

Being made ready implies a prepared stated that will enable you to come to some level of control over what you’re about to move into. This is not the Glory God is pouring out. He is taking the reins.

And the Lord took me up again into a second encounter and started to reveal the conversations in the Church around this coming glory. All over the world, the same question was presented “how do we get there? How do we get to His glory?” The Lord replied “It is not about you getting anywhere, it’s not about you getting to my glory. You surrender, you give me full permission and 100% availability and I’ll come to you. My Glory is coming to You!”

A few keys to partner with His coming Glory:

  • Change your prayer from “Make me/us ready”, to “I surrender all! I give you full access, I’m fully available and you have my permission to move in my life however you want.”
  • Ask God to kill your cynicism and give you discernment. Cynicism is the enemy of the new move of God. In the church, the cynical one is seen as noble and mature, but this is not how God views cynicism. Cynicism will lock doors to encounters and glory shut. Discernment, which in its basic form is God-awareness, is a key that opens doors to glory and encounter. “God kill my cynicism and give me discernment!”
  • Pray for disruption, not interruption. Allow Him to disrupt your plans and your visions, allow Him to disrupt your now and your future. You will be better for it.
  • Let go of your need to accommodate. Repent for the desire to always build a structure around God so that a level of control and nobility is always maintained. Give Him full control and surrender EVERYTHING.
  • Relinquish the need to be ready and prepared, to know ahead of time everything that’s going to happen. You might find the prayer of the Psalmists “my times are in your hands” helpful as you surrender your need to be in control of your future and prepared for every eventuality.