The Lord would say “what is defining you in this hour? Ask yourself this question; ‘What is defining me?’”.

My Son gave everything so He could define you – no longer the world. In my defining you in this season my boundary line is bolder, it is easier for you to see and feel. There will be no more tripping over it into defilement, no more walking on the toxic wasteland! My boundary is set for you in pleasant places. These are places of purity, of peace, of rest and of contentment in me where you live knowing I am leading you.

So, pause and don’t rush. Breathe and let me define you afresh. Let Me highlight the boundary line so you see it clearly and let me remove the profane from the pure in your life, allowing the muddy waters to become crystal clear.

Let me define your voice, your actions and your habits. If you allow it, others will see the marked difference in you in this season. You won’t even know yourself in how I train you to respond! Many will be draw to me because of the fire of Christ within you.

Let me remind you again, there is one army with many regiments but one battle. Allow me to define you. You are a brave one and you are mine; the Apple of My Eye, called and purposed for this fight.

So, arise in this hour defined by me and stand strong against the rush of the enemy’s tide. It’s time to let the world see my strength in you. Victory is yours because I have defined you! Don’t ever doubt my Word.