Sue is married to Steve and has 2 children.  Sue is an Apostolic and Prophetic leader, and as a visionary has pioneered many fruitful Church and community initiatives. In the past she served on several Executive Boards including Sefton MBC Local Strategic Partnership and Together for the Harvest (EA) as well as an active role in local church leadership.

Sue is the Founder and Director of CommUNITY Watchmen Ministries (CWM) since 2002.  Based in Liverpool CWM consists of Christians from across the breadth of the Church.  Sue and the CWM team minister throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Africa.  God has led them on many adventures taking them into places of government and business, where they have ministered and given prophetic direction to international government Ministers and business leaders. 

Sue and the CWM Team have hosted the Big PUSH since 2009 which is a monthly worship, prophetic and prayer meeting.  This has seen many people come to Christ, many lives impacted and established substantial breakthroughs.

As part of their response to redeem Liverpool’s history in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Sue and the CWM Team have helped save the lives of many children in Uganda, working in partnership there to provide homes, education and health care. 

They have worked in Ghana, where many of the transatlantic slaves were taken from Cape Coast; serving the Church, Council Leaders and Tribal Chiefs, and helping them to recognise their part in the slave trade.  An apology was made from Cape Coast on behalf of their ancestors and they also forgave Liverpool.  History is being cleansed and healed, cities are being transformed and lives changed – redeeming the past and bringing glory to God.

Since 2005 Sue has led Liverpool Catalyst, which is a network of Christian community outreach projects.  Liverpool Catalyst encourages God’s people to live in unity, to fulfill their destinies, to see their dreams come to fruition and together witness the wider Liverpool region transformed by God’s love.   They network almost 100 projects who are mobilising Christians to serve in prisons, schools, with the homeless, with vulnerable women, those struggling with domestic violence, with the arts, food pantry, debt management, refugees, Muslims and so many more. 

Sue is frequently invited to speak at events where she loves to teach, empower and activate the Church for transformation and has a strong anointing to bring breakthrough in the Church and the community.  She is seen as a spiritual Mother in Liverpool and imparts all she can into those around her.  Sue is also an author of two books Extravagant Fire and Extravagant Adventures. 

Sue is just an ordinary woman who loves to walk with an amazing and awesome God. 

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