A key aim of the Council is to shift the culture of the church in the British Isles, so that she might be once again able to receive prophets, not just prophetic words. We desire to see a lifestyle of revelation rise in the church.

We recognise that there are at least five areas of prophetic responsibility for a nation:

  1. To speak to the destiny of that nation – calling its heavenly future to be established.
  2. To raise up an army to pray, fight and engage – calling the people into place.
  3. To open the gates of a nation, that the reign of Jesus Christ may come in – welcoming what God wants now (explaining the present).
  4. To identify and confront spiritual strongholds – setting the nation free of its past.
  5. To expose hidden demonic strategies – setting the nation free in its future.

Each of these five areas will be looked at as we meet, with time taken to unpack what the Spirit is saying to the nation in each area.

This is not about individuals coming with their own ‘party piece’ word, so to speak, but instead will be prophets working together to hear and build a picture of what God is saying.

  • The BICP website will release compiled words from these meetings.
  • This website will also be a forum for publicly posting significant words that individual members receive in the times between our meetings.
  • BICP will make a way for the integrity that comes from being accountable to one another to flourish. We will be proactive in relational listening and giving/receiving feedback to and from one another.