Sarah-Jane Biggart is the Assistant Director and Lead Seer Prophet at Glasgow Prophetic Centre. Her passion is equipping, training and demonstrating the fullness of who God is, the reality of the realm of the Spirit and how to navigate it by pulling Heaven to Earth.

She initiated, birthed and leads The Purple Company, GPC’s international prophetic intercession network. In this role – and as leader for SPAN Scotland, Becca Greenwood’s Strategic Prayer Apostolic Network – she equips, trains and teaches on strategic prayer and spiritual warfare at GPC and out on the land and water. She specialises in spiritual mapping for cities, regions and nations; leading expert prayer teams to particular locations as God instructs; dismantling demonic structures; and prophesying in God’s government and Kingdom structures. Her aim and focus is to co-ordinate strategic prayer driven by prophetic revelation in order to bring transformation and reformation in the nations.

She has worked with Emma and David Stark since the start of GPC in 2009. As Assistant Director, she leads all Intercession teams, GPC House of Prayer, as well as the ‘Kingdom Business’ ministry and equipping leaders in the business mountain. As a result, SJ also spends her time prophesying in corporate situations and teaching individuals, organisations and businesses how to advance the Kingdom of God in the marketplace. She longs to see righteous business as a reality and business people equipped for occupying their territory.

Sarah-Jane is apostolically and prophetically anointed and is ordained with Christian International Europe.

She is also Co-Director of Biggart and Co a commercial property advisory company with her husband Alastair. Sarah-Jane was Head of Marketing for a Commercial Property PLC (based in London) from the early 1990s for a decade, where she launched and marketed a new community shopping mall brand and Xscape the leisure/snow centre brand. She has experience as a freelance marketer and advisor for various companies and charities, including Scripture Union Scotland. She was also Project Director for Mission Scotland before becoming a Board member in 2011 when she became a full-time leader with GPC.

Sarah-Jane is married to Alastair and they have two children – Thomas and Sophie. In her downtime, she enjoys reading non-fiction books, eating at good restaurants and going to the movies and theatre with family and friends. Her favourite way to unwind is a long walk with her family’s dogs in the beautiful Scottish countryside and coastland.