Rebecca is a proud mother and grandmother living in the South of England. Her outlook, culture and vision is global as she has spent many years living in Africa, North America, and Europe.

She loves to ‘travel with purpose’ and keeps busy ministering in nations all over the world.Her real passion is to see Prophets discover not only their identity as a child of God but to find their prophetic identity and then reach their full potential as heathy New Covenant Prophets.

Rebecca began growing in the prophetic in her early twenties following an encounter with Holy Spirit, and she has been equipping and releasing believers into hearing God for themselves and others for many years. About twelve years ago God challenged her to begin training Prophets, as they were becoming marginalised and forgotten in the flurry of teaching everyone to prophesy.

She believes that ‘as go the prophets, so goes the level of revelation the church walks in’ and so she took up the task with joy. Rebecca believes that everyone is born with assignments to fulfil and her heart is to help individuals, churches, communities, cities and nations succeed in this.

Rebecca is a Pioneer and Reformer, and as such she trains prophets through Emerging Prophets Kent, Invictus Prophetic Co. and Invictus Online. She is also founder of Invictus Prophetic Network (formerly Soar Prophetic International), a newly formed initiative based in the South of England.