We believe that prophets work best when they are in good relationship with each other and in place of connection and communication where they can sharpen one another. Therefore, the Council is to be, at its heart, a relational movement of prophets.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:12

We are therefore committed to:

  • Working hard to be together regularly – even if this comes at a cost.
  • Aiming to do real life together and being a port in the storm for one another.
  • Giving each other permission to be prophets in one and other’s company, with permission for bold truth-telling. We may not always agree but we acknowledge that we are called together and function together.
  • We agree to stop learning independence.

This relational focus will look like:

  • Meeting frequently is key to building hearts together.
  • The aim will be to meet 2-3 times or days per year, in changing locations that help to share the travel burden across all members.
  • One meeting each year will have an overnight aspect. This will allow a longer time to minister, sharpen and share with one another.
  • Each time we meet there will be time given to personal ministry, where we ‘war’ for each other. Our aim will be to be privately honest and transparent with one another.
  • Our year-round relationships will be further facilitated with private ‘group chats’ on social media and email that encourage engagement, encouragement and support.
  • A willingness to share our platforms (whether ‘physical’ or ‘online’) that publicly displays the value of our relationships to many.

As part of this core value, we have created this website with the intention that it is clear and open about who we each are and that it celebrates our relational connections.